31 March 2009

Camera Strap

What a fun thing! I will have to make a few more, so I can switch them out. I added a lens cap pocket. This little addition will come in handy for sure. I was lucky to come across cluck.cluck.sew She is an amazing quilter! Not only quilts, but projects like this camera strap. She was kind enough to make a tutorial so you and I can make our own. Thanks! I love mine!


  1. WOW!! this is so wonderful to have such a fun, colorful camera strap that includes a place for the lens cap. I won't have to put the lense cap into my bra anymore. =)

    Thanks for linking the tutorial.

  2. I just lost my lens cap last week, I wish I would of had one of those straps! I love the ricrac

  3. Ok so I like yours way better than mine! I need to redo mine, I don't like the two sided thing, and I love your pink and ric rac! These turned out great and I'm so glad the tutorial worked well for you! -Allison