05 March 2009

I have been thinking alot about organization lately.

My friend Kim has this solution for a coat rack over at her house, (her bead board is black), I loved her idea ever since I first saw it, and had to copy her.

I was thinking last night as I was cleaning how much of a difference this simple solution has made for me this past year and a half in simplifying my life. I love having the hooks right there for coats, purses, bags and aprons. Kim, you are a genius. Thank you.

I am really lovin the olive green color right now, I am thinking about painting above the bead board green.
(Home Depot only had five robe hooks in stock when we did this, we put the sixth one up when their new shipment came in) I primed and painted a 1X2 piece of wood and put that between & on top of the bead boards and drilled the hooks into the wood. Do you think when you have white bead board on the bottom you need a light color above?
I think I prefer the darker color on the bottom

Once I painted a bright pink (behr pretty in pink) above white bead board. I lived with it for awhile trying to decide if I loved it, but when I repainted it I was surprised how much calmer the room felt instantly, with the harsh contrast of heavy pink on top gone.


  1. I love the dark and white contrast a lot too.
    Thanks for leaving such a mice comment on my blog!

  2. You go Girl. Can't wait to see what you end up with.

    Life feels so much better organized.

  3. Hi Erica! I agree that hooks are just the greatest! Love your bead board, that's not something you typically see in OZ, but I love it! Wishing you a lovely day sweetie..........
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)