04 April 2009

I will be painting this weekend. Yes, that's white walls I am painting over. My entryway has never been painted yet. until now. I wish I took a picture of all of the sample paints I had up to compare, I had eight colors. then I saw this post The next day I went to Sherwin Williams and got the paint sample for Ivoire. It was the ninth sample. I loved it. thankyou Emily for your beautiful kitchen post. However, painting my bathroom cabinet was enough cabinet painting for me this year or next. I sure do love her cabinets though. and loved her wall color even more.

and the next painting project is the olive green above my coat rack. This is the sample I brushed on, its in progress:
I used to have red bead board,
and I used my brown paint and black glaze to give my kitchen an update! I tried something new, and painted the chair rail brown too. what do you think? Its growing on me.
I also painted my mirror brown and sanded it down to show the black through.
I am looking forward to getting this painting done, so I can enjoy all this work!


  1. It looks fresh, clean and happy. I am so glad that you have such wonderful skills. I am so impressed!

    Love the warm tan, greens and browns that work so well together.

  2. I think it all looks awesome--very warm and inviting!