20 April 2009

Look Whats On My Sewing Machine

I am now quilting my pinwheel quilt! (finished this weekend) exciting I know. I am just debating whether I should go with the dark teal color for the binding, or the red stripes? Any suggestions?

I REALLY love this quilt. I am glad that I doubled the size of the pattern. I do think sticking to the pattern, and using one charm pack, would make a really nice, fun and fast baby gift. I am anxious to finish, but I have some things to go back and fix. Enlarge this picture, and take a look at the bobbin thread....

YIKES! They look like Frankenstein stitches! help!

This is my third quilt that I have machine quilted myself. (I will share the the second one soon). I found that I have naturally found some kind of 'pattern' to my stippling. It is the funniest thing.

And here it is all quilted, and waiting for the binding;


  1. oh, i love this!! i love the prairie points, and the "sweet" fabric.

    i would try and change your needle. it seems when my tension starts to look like that on the back, it is almost always because i forgot to change my needle before quilting it.

    your quilting looks great though!! :)

  2. Your beautiful, whimsical, adorable quilt appears flawless! I too absolutly LOVE the prarie points.

  3. I say do the binding in the teal. Either way it works though!

  4. I found I need both a new needle with each quilting project and you might have to adjust the tension

    It is beautiful, the picout edge is perfect fo it.

  5. I love your pinwheel quilt and "Sweet" fabric, I am making a quilt with Sweet too. Have fun with your Wee Play quilt, mine was lots of fun to stitch and went together fast. Thanks for visiting!

  6. My quilting does that when I turn corners too fast. It looks like your stiches are suffereing in the same place. I just open up my curves rounder if I want to go fast or I slow down for the sharper turns.

  7. thanks for the info on turning the corners too fast... makes sense. I will catch that next time I quilt.

  8. It's stunning! Really. I LOVE the fabrics. If you ever decide to get rid of it. Just send it my way, would ya. ;o) ooxx`jodi