25 May 2009

Its Genetic...

...I think. Well, I went to a local quilt shop here in town with my mom, and well she cant say no to cute fabric either. Especially if its on sale! So here is our fabric we got. Enough for both of us to make a quilt. I'm thinking pinwheels, but not sold on the idea. Any one got an idea of what these fabrics would look cute in ?


  1. Pinwheels would look nice, I think the fabrics stand out nice using that pattern. Have Fun!

  2. Hi,

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  3. Have you thought about whirlygiggles? It's a form of pinwheel, but a little different. You can see on on Amanda Jean's blog crazymomquilts.blogspot.com. I think there's a picture if you click on the Quilts made in 2009 list on the right column.

    The fabric is VERY cute!

  4. I think I wouldn't make the straps much longer. I'm 5'10" and it comes down to mid-hip. I haven't tried it over my opposite shoulder. I think if you made it to go over your opposite shoulder, that might be the only way to carry it!

    The pattern was pretty straightforward. It says it's easy enough for a beginner, but I think I would have thrown it away had I just been starting to sew! You'll have no problem--I made it in a day.

    Can I see pictures of you in the apron?

  5. ooohhh, how i love these fabrics! i made a quilt for the nie nie benefit sale from the very same fat quarters about a year ago. You can see it here: http://righteouslou.blogspot.com/search/label/I%20like%20to%20quilt
    Can't wait to see what You do with it!