12 June 2009

I Spy

I caught the quilting bug in April of this year. I sewed and quilted my first quilt in April. Since then I found the online quilting community. I was flooded with inspiration, and found tons of quilts that were just adorable! This quilt is one of them. And I wanted it. Well, I just REALLY couldn't afford it, (and remember I caught the quilting bug) So the next best thing, was to make one like it. And lucky for me, there was a pattern for it. A big thanks!!!

One day I will find my quilting niche, and be able to create quilt tops from my own originality. But until then, I have to get through making my own versions of all of the quilts that I have fallen in love with in blog land. Thanks all of you who share your quilts.

I finished my "I spy" quilt top, and love it, and want to make more like it! It will be fun to snuggle under this blanket with my little guy, and play "I Spy" with all the critters. this quilt top is also going into my quilt top pile to be quilted a little later.


  1. I love your blog! My boyfriend's mom is teaching me how to quilt and I am starting with a jelly roll quilt. I love love love the I-spy quilt. My bro and his wife are having a baby and this quilt looks darling!!!

  2. I love this quilt!!!! I've never been a huge fan of I Spy quilts but this one is so cute and it goes together so much better than the traditional I Spy quilts. You made me want to make an I spy quilt! Also I didn't realize you just barley started quilting! I'm impressed how good you're doing and even quilting your own, that's AWESOME!!!!