02 June 2009

Quilt Contest

I finished my quilt just in time for a quilt contest. Way back when before my wedding (3.5 yrs ago), I helped my mom make some "wedding quilts" for me and my husband. One of those quilts was suppose to be a "star" quilt. My husband is in the service, so a patriotic quilt was perfect for us. We bought the fabric, ran out of time, and so the fabric sat, and sat, and sat. My favorite quilt shop had a "patriotic quilt contest", and I thought this was the perfect motivation I needed to start my star quilt. So a sewing I went, and I finished it in time!! Here is where your help is needed. The quilts that are entered in the contest are judged by you and me. Go here to vote for your favorite quilt. (and hopefully its mine!) And apparently you can vote more then once! Voting goes until the end of June.

(wink wink wink; thanks for voting for me! I hope it's your favorite.)


  1. I love how this quilt turned out. Very nice!

  2. I love your quilt... Stars are my favorite.