16 July 2009

Tu Tu Cute

Im visiting some family, and one of my sil wanted a tu tu for her little girl. We did a quick search for tu tu tutorials, and figured out a quick and easy way to make a tu tu. Each tutorial offers a little bit different information. Then we took the information that would work for us, and went to work. Oh how I love blogland, and all the talents and information people share! thanks. Instead of elastic, we used ribbon, and looped it through the ribbon. we used about a yard of tulle for this little tu tu.
..... and look how precious it is!
soooo adorable.
we loved how quick and easy the process was,
so we are making some more.... stay tuned.


  1. So creative, does the ribbon bow or knot slide undone?

  2. no, the ribbon works great for an infant size. we thought elastic would be a little tight on the tummy.

  3. It was very easy and she looked adorable in it ...even wore her new little TU TU to church along with the little tu tu headband you made. VERY CUTE !!!