24 July 2009

went with what I had first planned

I had purchased both border fabrics. I sewed on the smaller border, and loved it. I even debated weather I should even had added another border. Then I laid out the thicker border fabric, and didn't quite "love" it. I was wishing I had purchased one of the green/yellowish colors for the thicker border. I almost bought some more fabric to change the thicker border. BUT then I tell myself, that this is the fabric that I got for the border, so use it!!! ... and I did. Do you love it?? Now I just need to baste, and quilt!!!


  1. I love it the way that it is! Super cute!

  2. oopps!! I see now its a different quilt! I love this one too!

  3. Wow! yesterday when I saw this in person it was still in pieces!! great work! you are amazing!