10 August 2009

Simply Amazing

I finished my Hexagons! I think this quilt has been the most time consuming of all the ones I have done soo far, but I love it, so it was well worth the time. And I am going to like it even more when its 100% completed. I had to take advantage of the sun, and take some pictures that looked like stain glass windows. Thanks Shawn for the idea! Soooo cool.

I got a red/white polka dot pottery barn sheet for the back, but the white doesn't really complement the quilt like I had planned. Do you think tea dying the sheet would work, so it would match these fabrics better?? have you ever tea dyed?

Still trying to figure out my backing fabric.

Any suggestions??


  1. Rebecca, I LOVE your quilt! Turned out so cute. I have tea dyed a few of my quilts. I preffer to use Rit dye. My only suggestion is if you do dye it don't enter it into any contests. I did it to one of my quilts to get the antique look and the judges hated it. They tought I had ruined my quilt. BUT i loved it! Good luck!

  2. this is so great...i love the hexagons. it looks beautiful!! just this past week i was working with some wee play scraps and did the same with the finished product...i hung it in my back door and it picked up the light like that and made it look like stained glass.


  3. I have tea dyed many doll sized quilts and rag doll dresses. I have also used instant coffee to dye, but I have read that this method leaves an acid that is hard on the fabric, which would make me wary to use on your beautiful quilt. My items were not washed very often. So, the Rit dye is the one I would probably use in this case. Red polka dots will "sing" on the back of this one!! : } pokey

  4. Oh Rebecs, your quilt turned out great. Is your sheet 100% cotton, if not it may not accept the dye very well. Maybe you could find some yardage of one of your favorite fabrics on the front, I know a lot this fabric is sold out. I've had luck searching:


    Great job and good luck with whatever you decide!

  5. Rebecca, I forgot to tell you that I posted a pic of the Buggy Barn star quilt on my blog. Check it out when you have a minute:)