01 September 2009

My Fall Quilt

I finished my quilt just in time. This quilt is HUGE! 63x82. Much bigger then I originally anticipated. Bigger is better right?? I really love how this turned out. I love how many different fall colors are dancing around the quilt. I love how the borders turned out. First time using ric rac like this on the border. It was a little tricky at first, and I do have a few flaws that add character, but I really love the end result.

I'm getting a little better at my original stippling pattern.

I tried different quilting on the two borders. Always a little scary trying something new...

Simply love it.

and if you love it too, you can vote for it here.
(there is a voting poll on the left side bar; quilt #8)
(I know another quilt contest! but who can refuse when the best part about it is your own completed quilt to enjoy!)


  1. Its beautiful! And I'm not just saying that because orange is my favorite color! I love the stripe border with the ric rac too.
    Very happy!

  2. Wonderful quilt, and your machine quilting looks great too! I am going to go vote for you now. ; )

  3. this looks amazing. i love love love the giant ric-rac. it looks so pretty. gorgeous!!

  4. this is so beautiful!! I totally love it. YOu have great talent. This is something i have always wanted to do in my mind.

  5. This quilt has me speechless...it is stunning.