15 September 2009

Needle Little Inspiration

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What a fun 'word play'; needle little inspiration. That is a column Jodi has over at her blog. And guess what.... I had the special privilege of having my blog featured! (SOOO COOL) Go on over to Jodi's blog, and you can see for yourself what a fun blog she has, that is full of amazing pictures of her projects, and inspiration. I cant say enough good things about Jodi. She is simply wonderful!

(Thanks Jodi!)


  1. That's awesome, your blog is very inspiring!

  2. wow, that's awesome!! congratulations (you deserve the recognition)! looks like you're doing well in your contest--it's a close race btwn you and #7----i'll keep on voting!

  3. That was a fun link, and I'm not surprised Jodi chose you, your quilts are great! Thanks for visiting me, I tried to email you but your settings are no reply. Good luck with the Fall Quilt contest, I voted for you!!