07 September 2009

Weekend Sewing

Here's a sneak peak of what I have been working on.... This was my first time applique-ing on a quilt, and it was lots of fun.
Did any of you have any weekend sewing projects?


  1. i just posted about my weekend project...i finished a improv wall hanging for my living room. this is the first piece of my quilting that i have really displayed

  2. Looks great, and love those colors together. Red and Aqua huh? Hmmm... tempting, but I did join in on the Halloween Swap on my sidebar - join us, maybe we'll be partners!

  3. looks pretty! no sewing project (though i still have to finish my last pillow cases), but we did have our first sewing class and it was great! i'm so excited to start learning more...now we're searching for a table so we can get set up and get to work.