05 October 2009

Pinwheels and Pea-cos

I made another one of Jodi's pinwheel quilts.
You can find the pattern here.
(after quilting)
the neutral fabric is not this dark, the sun does amazing things....
I really looove this pattern, even if it takes more time.
I made this quilt for a neighbor friend.
It is going to be hung on a wall in her house.
I love how it turned out, and think it will be adorable in her house.


  1. Beautiful! I love that pattern too! I am working on my own version of it too!

  2. I LOVE THIS!! I have made one quilt using this pattern and I can see myself making more. I love it done up in this fabric and wondering if I could do the same but take all the florals out. I need boy quilts on the ready.

  3. Very pretty Rebecs, did you lift all those little points as you quilted, great job and nice fabric!

  4. Love the fabric! Very fun! ;o) ooxx`jodi