09 November 2009

Gobble Gobble Table Runner

I just looooove this table runner.
I followed this pattern from Moda Bake Shop. Every quilt, I am liking my stippling even more. I especially love the scalloped edges on this table runner, but that was not the case, when I was sewing on the binding!!! Anyone know tips on scalloped binding?

This is one of the four quilts.
I finished one other; just waiting to bind it.
Two of the other table runners I realized after I was done quilting them, that my tensions were off, and bad news! So I spent more time unpicking one of them, then I did actually quilting it. So those got put aside for awhile.

have a great week!


  1. I love the runner! That sucks about the tension:( and you stippling is looking fabulous! As for the scalloped binding, I love the way that it looks but it's very difficult... I did learn however that to get the perfect look try mitering every point, so cut a little notch out of the inside point and then you miter as you go. :)

  2. What a beautiful table runner! I love your scallop border!

  3. CUTE!!! I have no idea how to bind the scallops, someone needs to do a TUTORIAL on it! :D

  4. Love this table runner, so perfect for fall. your stippling is amazing!! i have a lot of practice to do before mine even comes close! nicely done!

  5. my mom tells me to only ever do binding on scalloped edges with binding that is on the bias so that it moves better with the curve...just in case no one has told you that, she is where I learned everything nearly, she speaks and I listen!:) Hers are always perfect.