27 January 2010

Raggedy Strips

I had this fabric back in October. And had plans and a deadline.
(my little guys bday)
well the plans were great, but I didnt end up finishing it by his birthday.
 And I didnt think it would be as big as it ended up being.
(didnt want to waste fabric!)
I kind followed Cotton Ways pattern; Bundle Up Baby Girl.
My version is a bit bigger. I bought a few inches of each of these fabrics.
Then I made some a litte bit smaller, laid the strips out, reversed quilted, and it was done!
I have brown minky on the back. (first time using minky) and I looove how warm and cozy it is.
The width of the quilt is about 44" and the length is about 63".
(perfect size for my legs!)

I did have some problems.... When I was sewing on the ric rac, I sprayed the area with spray baste, laid the ric rac down quilted, no problems. After it sat for awhile, there was this ewy gewy fuzz from the spray baste that was left on the un-ric racked areas. I thought it would come out with a good wash. I was wrong. Now it has been dried, and still looks like this; Any ideas of how to get this off??? how do you sew your ric rac on?


  1. I have no idea how to get the goo off... :( But your quilt is darling! :)

  2. Wow you have been busy. I think the quilt is so cute. Oh I also love the colors your sister in law picked out are super cute too.

  3. I love using the ric rac. I may use this in my new guys quilt I think. I like the idea of the nine patch I think. My mom did a similar one with a paper doll reprint.