31 May 2010


Happy Memorial Day!
and thank you to all who have served,
and those who are currently serving and their families.
My heart goes out to them.
[What a perfect day to post this quilt]
This quilt top was also completed last summer,
and had been waiting, and waiting for me to finish it.
The size of this thing, didn't help with finding motivation.
I think this is by far the largest quilt I have quilted/made.
It measures 78 X 96.
I made this quilts sister about a year ago. (you can read about it here).
My mom helped me piece these quilts.
The original quilt was going to be pretty big as well.
So we made a few extra star blocks, then divided them up.
(taking turns, because you know there
were some blocks that were not so popular)
and we made two quilts.
(so I guess mother/daughter quilts are more fitting than sister quilts). 
Since then my mom has taken over the first one made.
And this one is mine.
I did a small stipple again outside of the stars and on the outer border.
I outlined each star so it would pop more.
And I zigzagged the inner border to compliment the stars points.
And I think it turned out pretty cute.
The backing fabric was also purchased when the rest of the fabric was.
Good thing its a small check print, because I had quite a few puckers.
And you cant really tell with a busy fabric.
Basting this huge quilt was a beast!
I'm glad I have another quilt done that has been waiting....
Having finished quilts to enjoy is much better then just the tops waiting.


  1. Very striking! I like the way you quilted to make the stars standout. So cool you and your mom made the quilts together. My mom and I often quilt together. Such great fun!

    Happy Memorial Day to you!

  2. What a wonderful quilt to show today...it is just beautiful!

  3. I love! Thanks for sharing :)