18 July 2010

Ocean Breeze Spray Paint

Guest blog by Erica
I have been in love with these pottery barn lamps:
and more here:
I saw this blog post and loved loved loved her lamp. Inspired, on Thursday I picked up three lamps at the thrift store, and the spray paint at the craft store. (the lamps were 4$ each!) and tried my luck. I have limited experience with spray paint and these lamps have taught me lots about patience and using spray paint.
a before with primer:
this was my favorite lamp, however, my paint job was not perfect enough for me, (I sprayed to much to close to fast, sanded too soon, the lamp was to hot or something and the paint crackled, tried to sand down the edges and put too much paint on. (This was my stress of the weekend.) easy come easy go....
I didnt get any other before pictures, but here are my afters:

at least I can almost laugh about it now. and here is the keeper:I love this lamp, and I can say the next time I am at the thrift store, I will check out the lamp section and try again. At 4$ you just cant loose!!


  1. these look so great. spray paint is amazing.

  2. I love your keeper lamp too! Love your choice of colors!

  3. I also love the keeper lamp. Very cute!!! well done. And I like your cute table runner to match. I think I will be looking for lamps as well.

  4. I've had that same problem with spray paint and its very frustrating. Your lamp looks great though!

  5. I *love love love* the curves in your keeper lamp! It looks awesome! Thanks for stopping by my blog and linking!

  6. OH my goodness, they turned out adorably! I just found you over at Shabby Nest's "Frugal Friday." So glad I did! Happy new follower : )

    Lots of love,