22 November 2010


I wish it was still green like this here...
(I took these pictures back in september)
Isnt this quilt Adorable?
I love the colors, and love the quilting, and love the pieced backing.
My amazing friend made it for my new (2.5mo) baby girl.
I love, love, love, love looooooove it.
Here are a few details....
I can never take some pictures of my little girl with out her big brother wanting in on the action too.
Really, it is pretty sweet to have friends that quilt.
This quilt will be cherished forever.
I have a few more quilts to share with lovely greenery behind them... coming soon.


  1. I love it, and adorable baby pictures!

  2. Lovely quilt for an adorable baby. :-) It looks like she heartily approves of the quilt too.

  3. what sweet baby chubbiness!!! i love this quilt. zig zag is awesome

  4. hey becca! I am having a hard time seeing how you did this pattern. thought it might be cute in reds and white for a christmas wall hanger:) hope all is well.