30 April 2012

January Quilt; Finished

This has been another quilt that has taken some time before I got it all finished. 
It's made from 4 charm packs of Fandango. 
(there is one spot I ran out of my binding fabric, so I added an extra charm scrap. 
Not too noticeable; thankfully.)
I quilted it with loopty loops, and put a cream minky on the backing. 


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  2. I'm Rebecs. I get my projects done, I do perfect quilting, I take great photos, AND I have the perfect fence to take them on. Just teasing. I love it, has it gotten lots of use?!

  3. Looks great! i remember when you were working on this one. I need your energy over here and its garage sale season and I haven't gone yet. Come visit us =)