04 April 2012

Red and Aqua Swap Quilt

Way back in the summer of '09, I participated with 100 other people in a Red and Aqua disappearing nine patch swap. I am thrilled to have this out of my wip pile. And I love how it turned out. 
I wasnt in love with all the different fabrics that were chosen, most I would never had bought myself. But, they all seem to work together quite nice. 
While searching the internet for inspiration on how to quilt this quilt, 
I came across this Adorable nine patch quilt. 
I Looooved the quilt, and LOOOVED the way it was quilted. 
I love finding quilt inspiration online. (Thank You Jen)
This is my first time using a sheet as the backing fabric.
 I picked this adorable teal sheet up at Target a few weeks ago.
A perfect match for the quilt.  


  1. Are you back? I hope so! Love how it turned out.

  2. Oh My Gooness!! I love it! and I saw my block!! I have never used a sheet but I have heard that it is wonderful. I am so glad you like it. I use mine every day.