01 August 2012

Happy Pinwheels

I helped my Mom make her first quilt with a couple of charm packs from American Jane's,  "Punctuation". Which we picked up at an annual quilt fair in our county.

My Mom put all the pinwheels together, added the borders and did the binding with some help from me.  She insisted that I quilt it.  She said she wanted my expertise quilting on this happy quilt, not her rookie quilting. Apparently it was too big for her "first"quilt to quilt. (even though she has quilted a few table runners).

Next time I will encourage Mom to quilt her own.
Both of us are so happy with how it turned out.

She repurposed a vintage sheet for the backing. 
I was pleasantly surprised at how well it washed up and crinkled up. 

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  1. I love this quilt, great job and congratulations on finishing!