25 September 2012

Girly Chevron

 I just love these quilts. 
I made the smaller one for some VERY special friends of my husbands. 
They are expecting their little girl any week now. 
Here is the cute custom label I made. 
'read me a story, 
tuck me in tight, 
say a sweet prayer, 
and kiss me goodnight. ' 
I've really enjoyed making these cute labels for my quilts. 
I fell in love with this quilt sooo much, 
that I was contemplating keeping it for myself.
But instead, I made one for my little girl to match. 
I made hers a little bigger (to fit atop a twin size bed). 
and the same adorable fabrics. 
Same cute quote for the back of the quilt. 
And the same fun bright minky for the back. 
Here they are,
baby and big girl chevron quilts. 
for the baby quilt I used 2.5" strips, and for the big girl one I used 3"strips. 

If I were to do this quilt again, I think I wouldve added some extra white strips so the points would have an ending, and not be cut off. Still cute though. 


  1. Love love love!!! thanks for the link too because I am in the mood to quilt this. Are you still around NC? Why don't we hang out???? Hope all is well. We can't believe we are still at this post either:)

  2. It looks so good. I've been wanting to do a zig zag quilt for awhile now but just haven't gotten around to it. Your work is always beautiful and I love the idea of your homeade tags