29 May 2013

Pow Wow Twin

Here is my Twin version of the Baby Pow Wow I posted awhile back. 
I really loooove this quilt. 
I made this one for my 4yr olds bed. 
There are some pretty cute prints in the quilt. 
I quilted a meandering circle pattern. 
I didnt want to do a basic pebble quilting, and wanted more circles like bubbles. 
So this is what I came up with. 
There is a combination of the green and orange minky plaid pattern on the back. 
I made the outside white borders a little bit larger then the pattern suggested.
Total size is 72 X 93 


  1. I have this pattern tooo. I love your fabric choices and quilting!!

  2. Talent, pure talent I tell you. Love everything you do.