03 September 2013

Pow Wow Scraps

I put all the scraps I had from the baby pow wow and twin size pow wow 
and made this quilt. 
Wow! crazy small scraps. I swear this will be my last large quilt with small scrap pieces. 
My helpers were not tall enough to hold it right side up. 
I quilted straight "chevron lines" through the small squares, 
and broke up the borders with separate free motion quilting. 
I put fun minky on the back. 
This quilt fits nicely on a twin bed. Its not as wide as the Pow Wow twin version, 
but will will look nice and coordinate well when there both on the beds. 


  1. oh so pretty you are making me want to quilt again. I need to learn how to machine quilt still..... maybe one day