20 March 2009

My first Hobby Lobby fabric project!
I was hired to make this apron for a friend. her only request was the fabric to be pink and black.
I found her a perfect match,
The stripe fabric came from Hobby Lobby, and the black fabric from Joanns.


  1. I love this apron!!! It is beautiful.

  2. I am sure your friend will love it. You did a great job and paid attention to such cute detail.

    It is adorable.

  3. Love this! We just wanted to say Thank you!
    kari & kijsa

  4. Super cute apron! Great fabric- Hobby Lobby has such cute fabric!
    Love it! I am doing an apron exchange, and I hope I get one that cute :) hee hee -very cute!

  5. very cute. I would love to do an apron exchange, but am afaid to get something not so cute. But i guess if that happens, i can re-swap it!