03 April 2009

Need Help

I will be the first to admit that I am quite the rookie at the quilting game. Therefore the last few "sewing" days of mine have been more occupied with undoing and redoing then the actual doing.

I found a beautiful quilt out there that I wanted to make. During the process of making (actually undoing) I had a few bumps in the road. I came to realize that I cant make what I wanted to with what I had. I had to make other plans. And this is what I came up with; yes, a coin quilt. However, my squares blocks, my rectangles would be small weird squares. I was planning on basting my quilt, then sew the squares on. (quilting the quilt as I go) I got to thinking, and I'm not quite sure this method would be the best for a rookie quilter to do. Taking inconsideration the size of this quilt.
I need some quilters help. What can I do? Would it look alright if I sewed on the blocks, and quilted it? Or suck it up and quilt while I sew the blocks on? Any suggestions?


  1. I think it would look perfectly fine to sew the blocks on and then quilt it. Love the color scheme!

  2. I would do the least frustrating course of action. You could spray baste the squares on then quilt all at once to save precious time.

    I wouldn't hand baste all those squares on, or even pin all of them on. Way too much time.

  3. could you cut up the brown and do them in four sections and then sew the 4 sections back together?