09 April 2009

Working on Some Pinwheels

Here is what I have been working on lately... sewing and putting together some pin wheels... It seems that I have more then one quilt in the making. I know my mom can say the same thing as well. She has more then one quilt that are in the works. Any one else?
I am excited to finish these lovelies.


  1. they are so cute, I really like the polka dots. and yes, I have a flannel monkey quilt with piccos waiting to be made, a table runner and a little boy quilt.

    I seem to like it the best when I have lots going on!

  2. i need to make a table runner too. I just havnt decided on the fabric...

  3. My list of To Do's gives me security. I know that I will never be without something to do =)