07 May 2009

2 of the 5

Here are 2 of the 5 quilts I have finished this last month that I wanted to show you.

This is a quilt I made for my little boy. I have a love/hate relationship with this quilt. I am sure some of you have made a quilt like this. The reverse quilting quilt? A few of my friends have quilts like these, and I thought they were sooo cute. I knew that I wanted to make me one, and as soon as I found these charm packs, I was instantly in love. I loove how "boyish" they are, and I love the colors! (I am tempted to make another quilt because i love the fabrics!) So I bought a few of the charm packs, and started making my quilt. I layed my backing fabric down, and glued (with a glue stick) my squares on. After a bazillion squares (I cut each square into fourths)...it became a little frustrating and difficult for me. I knew that it was okay not to have everything line exact, but I had a few rows WAY off. After some re-positioning, I finally had all the squares lined up. I then basted my quilt, and was ready to quilt it. Quilting went a little slower then planned, and my lines are crooked in some spots. (another reason why it was frustrating) I reminded myself that it was okay to have "wavy" lines. I sewed down the sides of the squares, and on the top and bottoms. Each time I sewed a line, I had fabric that gathered towards the end, resulting in a pucker at the bottom of the row. (frustrating). I also made my quilt about 60x50, which is kind of big for a quilt like this. (much rather do a smaller quilt). I finally let my concerns of having even lines, and no puckers go, and I started to like the quilt more. I finished the binding, washed, dried, and clipped tons of strings and here is my end result. I really love this quilt. It is now one of my new favorites. it is soo soft, and comfy.
And a great lap size/little boy quilt.

For my second quilt to share, here is the coin quilt I made from the Moda Bake Shop recipe/pattern. I really like the bright colors of the Soiree fabric, so I went with the same fabrics. I added the row that was suppose to be for the backside on the front, so the quilt would be a little larger. I love how it turned out. I will be making more coin quilts in the future, and this pattern came together pretty fast, and was simple. (my kind of quilting).
This quilt crinkled up really nice. I'm not sure why this quilt did, and some of my others didn't. Does anyone know how to get more of the crinkly look?

This is the first quilt I gave away. I gave it to my Grandma. She has it over a chair in her living room. Its a patch of sunshine that glows in her house. Its neat to see how much time, love, and effort that goes into a quilt, and see it cherished so much by someone else.

I bought my charm packs for each of these quilts at Piece N Quilt. The Soiree charm packs were around $5 (they dont have anymore), which is a great price! I have been sooo impressed with Natalia (the owner) that I wanted to share my experience with all of you. (I dont know her personally, just happened to find her shop online, when I was looking for some fabric.)I love supporting little shops like these. They have some really great prices, and THE BEST customer service I have experienced from any fabric shop online. I could give details, but you will just have to purchase something from them, and experience her amazing customer service first hand. You can read about her store here, and about her here. And all of her Cotton Blossom fabric is "priced to go". I helped a friend with a quilt out of these fabrics, and loved how it turned out. I would love to make this quilt with those same fabrics. Maybe it will be my next quilt?

Check back soon, I have a few more quilts to share.


  1. Both quilts are beautiful! I'm going to check out that fabric site. I hope they ship to Canada.

  2. Thank you so much for posting such nice things about me and my shoppe! I love what you've done with your fabrics and would love to share your ideas on our site (if you don't mind)! So cute! I actually found you through one of your referrals so thanks again! Will you e-mail me and I would love to have you be a guest blogger on our blog!

    Thanks again~

  3. Wow, wow, WOW! Those are gorgeous!