03 May 2009

Blocks + Sashing

...and I have a finished top. After all I didn't decide to put a row on the back. It going to be a big quilt. (big for me at least). It measure's about 56x72. I really Looove these whirly giggles. I finally settled with the placement of the blocks. If I look at it for too long, I start re-arranging the blocks, and wishing I had more darker colors. Does that ever happen to you? When I scrapbook, I remind myself; "glue and go". Meaning decided and move on, and it will look great. None the less, it still bothers me a little. But I still love it. This is a total girly quilt. I cant wait to start using it. It will be awhile, because I am going out of town, and I'm not taking this with me to quilt. So check back in a few months, and I will have it completed, and the little history behind this quilt. Dont worry, I've got some fabric, and other projects I will be doing while I am away.