01 May 2009

whirly-gig Blocks

I have a little extra time on my hands this weekend, and lots of sewing
I want to get done. Hopefully I will have this quilt top all done.
Here's a sneak peak of my blocks. I did a few changes on the layout of them,
and I think I will take a row out for the back. Now I just need to add sashing,
and the top will be done! It amazes me how the quilt looks soo different with each step.
(I'm excited for this one.) ...and I cut out my blocks for a quilt from this pattern.
Looove this cute pattern...
soo kind of Alissa to put it on her blog. She has AMAZING quilts.

Have a great weekend.


  1. I want to make a whirly gig quilt, I have a pattern from Cotton Blossoms that is waiting for me. Yours looks great!!

  2. I just purchased that pattern today. I will be excited to see yours.

  3. I think I may wait to make the "Wild Thing" quilt when her new fabric "Abundance" comes out. It looks so nice. Have you seen it?