17 August 2009

A New Stitch

Somehow, right now, I have multiple projects I am working on. So I am glad I have one done, so I can finish the next. I wish I had the quality of those who finish before they move on to the next, but I don't. I'm just getting really good at working on multiple projects at once.
I solicited some help to baste my quilt from my loving Grandpa, and mom... (I love this picture) Then I started, without practicing first, there is evidence of this in one of the corners A NEW STITCH. Yes pebbles, and.... I love them! And like they all say, it does take lots of bobbins and thread, but it was really fun to make all these different shaped pebbles.
I love the look of the pebble stitching on the straight white fabric.
(just messing around with photo editing.)
Finished quilt!
I'm still loving the stain glass window look!
I love that this quilt is not so much a "girly" quilt, and I love whirlygigs!
...now onto the next project.


  1. Cute! I've got your Christmas blocks all finished and the layer cake will be here on Wednesday and I'll mail them to you! YAY!! :)

  2. Beautiful quilt, I think you're hooked on quilting and there is no turning back!!! You're fast too!

  3. oh... dont be fooled, (I looove scheduling my posts!)

    and yes I am hooked!!!

  4. Very pretty, what a ton of time those pebbles must have taken!

  5. this is stunning. i love the pebble quilting and you do it so well. i love that your mom and grandpa got involved in the making...it is a great picture