15 January 2010

Baby Squares

I made these a few months ago, but never washed them. So I washed them and got them wrapped and ready for christmas.

In my family the cousins (my kids/siblings kids) draw names. My little guy had one of my sisters girls. This sister, bless her heart has a little/small fabric stash. This fabric; Simplicity by Moda was apart of that stash. So I made her fabric into a (big) girl quilt. this would fit good on a twin size bed. and with the scraps, I made a little quilt/doll quilt to go with it.

This quilt took forever, to piece together. If I wouldve been smart, I wouldve done some strip quilting, then my cutting. But I do looooove the look of these squares, and I looove the fabric. First time quilt with no border. And loopty loop quilting. (love it).

and here is the sm. quilt. With a little border. :)


  1. this is beautiful!!! i love the quilting

  2. So sweet and soft! Love the simple squares and no borders, I think its very classy. Going to have to try the loopy loop quilting - it sure is perfect for these quilts.