13 January 2010

Christmas Twins

Yes, more table runners... For my grandmas chairs. One for her recliner, and the other for my grandpas. Oh how she looooves these table runners. Hopefully I will have her stocked for each holiday, and one for the "off-seasons". And then...one day my house will be stocked with these lovelies.

I followed the same pattern/scallops as my gobble gobble table runner from moda bake shop.
And once again the corners on the scallops didnt work so well, and took an eXtra long time. Love the look, but I'm not sure I can do these cute small happy scallps again.

I stitched both of these table runners with loopidy loops. It felt, and looked more christmas(y).

and here is the twin. same fabric; Crazy Eight by Moda.
Even though its the same fabric, its a totally different feel.
 And I ditched the small happy scallops for larger scallops. Much less time consuming, and feasible corners. I may just repeat these scallops. I think it adds sooo much to the table runners.


  1. Your runners look great and I do love the scalloped edge. I guess you cut your binding on the bias... that will make it easier to stitch down. I think they came out wonderful and love the fabric too!

  2. They are Beautiful! I love the way the scallop looks.

  3. I like the scallops too, they add so much - have to admit I've never tried them.... but they look great when you do them!

  4. I love your pictures, so crisp and clean. I love the table runners as well. What a neat clothes line you have.