10 January 2010

New year, New blog, and New goals....

sewing goals of course...
I have collected quite the stash of fabric for only quilting for about 10months! And there is always new cute fabric at the quilt shops. I am living close to some pretty fun shops, with lots and lots of adorable fabric that is really hard to say no to.

So, Ive got 7months to minimize my stash,   to scraps.

and hopefully I wont be adding to my fabric stash.

pictures, and blogging..... coming soon.


  1. It's great that you're back! I've missed seeing your projects! :)

  2. this is a really hard commitment to make...you are a strong woman to say no to new fabric.

  3. I like your new look! I'm trying very hard to not buy fabric too and use up stash, thats amazing you've only been sewing for 10 months!
    Looking forward to seeing your latest projects - I have lots to show to, but need to take pics and post.....

  4. Love the new look for your blog! Have fun in 2010! Good luck with not adding to your stash.......it may be more difficult than giving up sweets, just sayin.