01 February 2010

Tricks of the Trade

This, my sewing friends is a cool thing. If you already knew this, you get extra credit points for the day! (hooray for you!) And if you didnt, you can get extra credit points next time you sew for using this trick.
The story; My mom, found this idea somewhere in blog land. (sorry I dont have the source). She didnt bookmark the idea, because it was soo easy to remember. Feel freely to pass this idea along on your blogs as well, because it is a HUGE time savor. And we all need more time to sew.
The Tip; When you are piecing together rows or blocks, number them, by writing on flower head pins.
This keeps your rows from automatically switching during the sewing process,
it keeps you more organized, and you dont have to think as much.
Here are some pictures to illustrate.
I like to number the top, and one side. The end result will kind of look like a grid.
The top corner, and side corner will have the same number, and continue on from there.
(make sense.) Hopefully this will save some of you some time!


  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ha thats a great idea. I used to use pieces of paper and hoped they wouldn't move. Thanks for the tip

  3. You are just so smart. Thanks for passing along this great idea, it looks like it works really well.