03 February 2010

Valentine Runners

Hopefully you already guessed what the valentine fabric was for.
Table runners for my Grandma. (and my mom made one)
I have 2 (off season/holiday), and 1 (patriotic) table runner to go,
then she will be all stocked up, and her front room will have
some quilted beauty in it all year round.
I did loopty loops for the fabric from last year.
And This year fabric, I quilted hearts into each square, with loopty loos in between.
and here are the scalloped edge pretties.
(the wind was blowing so I lost a few scallops towards the bottom.)
And here is what they look like on His and Her (Grandpa and Grandma) chairs;
(the fabric for the lighter one; from my stash)
(the fabric for the darker one bought early this year)


  1. these look so great in their new home...i love the hearts that you quilted into it

  2. Very cute, the scalloped edges are darling too!

  3. You are so amazing on how good you are at machine quilting. Since you started 10 months ago you are a SUPER STAR machine quilter. =)

  4. Amazeing!! I love to see what you make!!! Umm I think I am gonna have to have you make me a quilt they are all so beautiful!!!! So talented!!!

  5. very pretty! they're so festive, i love it. i can't believe you started 10 MONTHS AGO????? (per the above comment). holy cow, that is incredible!! i was just telling my other half about you last night and about how you are self-taught and it's so impressive to me. such a great example, i need to believe i can do it too.