15 March 2010

favorite winter blanket

Now that spring is approaching, I finally found an adorable print for my little guys winter blanket. I put a layer of white flannel in the middle of the trucks print, and the brown minky. I love how soft, cozy and warm this blanket it is. I know that these fabrics will hold up through many years of wear and tear. I made the blanket a bit larger then I actually wanted, but now it will still fit my little guy in a few years. I would love to make more things with this adorable fabric. I think it would be cute on a back of a quilt, a crib sheet, a sheet blanket, a changing pad cover... anything, its adorable!

I've hit a sewing slump.... Dont get me wrong, I have tons of inspiration, and tons of projects knocking at my door. I think the Olympic watching is what got me. It consumed my nights (my sewing time) for a few weeks, and I just cant get back into the swing of things. Hopefully it wont be too long before I get something going, and more blog posts will be rolling in.


  1. Very cute! I love how boyish it is! :)

  2. Very cute fabric. Love the minky!

  3. love it---it sounds so soft and plush, anything with minky and fleece would be! perfect fabric for your little guy.