03 March 2010

Girly Sewing

The few of my friends have or are having a girl.
As a baby gift,  
I did some "regular" sewing,
and made some crib sheets for them.
Dont you think these would be adorable on any girls crib?
Hopefully when they sleep on these pretties,
the will have sweet dreams.


  1. i Love strawberry shortcake!!! cute fabrics. i really like the top one.

  2. I love those baby strawberry shortcakes! So cute!

  3. hello it's strawberry shortcake! who wouldn't love it! I saw some of this fabric at JoAnn's today, can't remember what it was called but what kind of fabric did you use for it? Still immersed in scrapbook land. March is a continuation of February! Determined to get caught up, as simple as the pages need to be just to get it up to par.

  4. The top two are cotton, and the bottom three are flannels.