09 June 2010

Sugar and Spice

"Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice;
that's What Little Girls are Made of."
 Baby #2 is on its way...
Hopefully I can get into gear these last few months,
(since the first half I didn't even touch my sewing machine)
and not only continue to work on my fabric stash/in progress quilts,
but get some girly/baby sewing done.
This fabric I found while helping my mom go through some boxes of her fabric.
I had a blanket/quilt made out of this fabric when I was a little girl.
The front of the blanket was this fabric panel,
it was a tied quilt, with pink pea-cos all around.
and I think I might still have it...
But I want to make something for the little one with this fabric,
I'm just not sure what, or even how?
Cut up the squares, leave them, quilt all over, stitch in the ditch?
What would you make with this fabric?


  1. i love it!!! how cool that you found it again

  2. Do you ever visit Bonnie Hunter's blog at Quiltville?

    I would use the blocks as centers in of the blocks in her pineapple blossom quilt. Here is the URL: http://quiltville.com/pineappleblossom.shtml

    Best Wishes!

  3. Congratulations!! A little girl is so sweet. I cant wait to see what you make her! I know it will be adorable.

  4. Coming from someone who had the strawberry shortcake kitchen when I was little, I feel that I am a connoisseur/expert adviser in this field! I would cut it into blocks then use a pink gingham as the background/in between the blocks but also use a nice strawberry red as a skinny border around the blocks, maybe gingham too?...hmm then you can use that red as a binding or a jagged edge border! that would be SO cute. my mom did one in flannel and it's really cozy and cute.

  5. I would use a green to match the green in the blocks too

  6. Congratulations on baby #2. A girl to boot! How fun to make your daughter a blanket out of the same material you had a blanket from as a child, no matter what you do with it that is very special.