15 June 2010

I Spy - Quilted

This is another quilt top that had been waiting for me to quilt.
You can read about his quilt top here. (where I also link to the pattern)
I am thrilled to have this one completed so my little guy can enjoy it.
Measures about 47x60
The backing is a David Walker print.
I really love all of the blocks. Here are a few close ups.
I think I will be making a few more versions of this quilt.
I absolutely love it!


  1. THis is one that I want to do in the near future! Thanks for the example! ps-let me know when you are coming back!

  2. It's darling Rebecca! One of my favorite I Spy quilts! :)

  3. My jealousy is only growing over this quilt

  4. Its so cute. Hey I want to see a belly shot!