19 May 2013

Bloggers Quilt Festival; Two Color Quilt

Thanks for stopping by from the
I love the new changes and categories! 
I entered this quilt into the 'Two Color Quilts' group. 
Purple and Teal
Purple is a difficult color to find at the quilt shops! 
Luckily I was able to find a few. 
I made this quilt for my brand new niece back in September 2012. 
I wanted to do a timeless and classic pattern with colors to match the nursery. 
I did an all over loopy loo stipple, and a soft minky gingham pattern on the back. 
And here is the cute label I put on the back. 
I printed it on my computer using white fabric and freezer paper. 


  1. It reminds me of an English garden! Very pretty.

  2. loving all the recent posts--keep it up

  3. Very pretty and the colors are so calming!

  4. You called it with timeless and classic. Great colors and a great gift :)

  5. un grand classique mais le choix original des couleurs lui donne un air moderne et printanier

  6. Love your Quilting, color choices and the precious label. You have so much talent!