17 March 2009

I have been working on this wall over the weekend:and last week I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time! It was AMAZING! I cant wait to go back! I don't have a picture of the fabric I bought, but I will take one soon and hopefully have the project made as well. While we were in the fabric section we met this girl who makes the cutest bags, her website is here

Life has been very busy. This week just has to be more creative!


  1. You have a really cute blog! I can't believe that headboard that you did- fabulous! Love Hobby Lobby too- wish I lived by one :)

  2. Oh MY! I am in LOVE with this wall arrangement. That aqua is my all time favorite color. Hobby Lobby is fabulous...and addictive!

    BTW, the table runner you made is TO.DIE.FOR. Those fabrics are delicious!

  3. You are really making your home so lovely. You have a natural eye for wonderful design.