18 May 2012

Bloggers Quilt Festival

Thank You Amy, and all those who participate and help with the festival.
I love the Quilt Festival, and look forward to it every time.  
I am sharing a 
Double Hour Glass Quilt; 
tutorial from cluck cluck sew.
A family friends 15yr old. daughter (who I also worked with in a church youth group) 
wanted to make a quilt. (and some encouragement from me).
I thought about doing something small, especially if its a first quilt. 
But, we decided that we wanted the quilt to big enough to make a comfortable lap quilt, and big enough for a twin bed (for when she leaves for college, she can take it with her.) 
We went to our LQS and picked out fabrics. There are lots of different fabric lines in this quilt. 
And the variety of fabrics makes the perfect scrappy quilt. 
It took us a few quilting sessions to finish the top. 
The top got done, then the borders, and I quilted and binded it.   
The backing is a beautiful patterned white minky. 
This was the girls first time really sewing anything. 
And she did most of the sewing.
I learned that it was REALLY okay, if the points all didnt match up, 
or if there were burn marks from the iron on the white fabric, 
and puckers where the seams got messed up...
These small flaws add character to the quilt (right), and unless its in a quilt show, 
no one will ever notice the small flaws, and the overall quilt it beautiful, which takes your focus. 
I am happy that I had the opportunity to share a talent I have with someone who was interested. 
And it makes me even more happy knowing how much she loves this quilt. 

Now, I've got to make a version for me, because I love it that much. 


  1. Pretty quilt and wonderful lessons learned. :-)

  2. Congratulations! It is a lovely quilt and quite an achievement (I know what I am talking about - my daughter is 14 and wouldn´t even start such a big project). Thanks for sharing.

  3. fantastic~!

    margaret gunn

  4. Good to see quilting getting passed on. You guys did a great job! I'm sure she'll love this quilt forever.

  5. this is really beautiful...i love the spools....you did a wonderful job

  6. Wonderful quilt!

    I relearn those lessons everyday when I piece. lol It's great you are able to inspire and share your skill.

  7. Really like your version of spools love the colors

  8. This is so beautiful! Love the colors! Wonderful story!

  9. Very pretty! I certainly haven't noticed any of the little imperfections. And what a nice gift to teach someone to sew.

  10. I love the colors in this quilt. It's so vibrant and happy. Great job! : )

  11. A happy and useful finish! She will treasure it and you've had fun passing your skill along, sounds like a perfect collaboration!

  12. lovely! what a great quilt and fantastic story. how nice that you helped this girl by sharing your talents...hopefully she continues to enjoy quilting! thanks for sharing and have a ggreat day